CRA Roundtables

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CRA Roundtables

CALU Report – 2020 CALU CRA Roundtable Questions

August 3, 2020|

On July 8, 2020 CALU held its first ever virtual CALU CRA Roundtable. CALU wishes to thank CRA representatives Stéphane Charette – Director, Financial Industries and Trust Division, CRA and Bob Naufal – Senior Manager, Income Tax Rulings Directorate, CRA...

CALU Report – APFF and CLHIA CRA Roundtable Round-Up

December 1, 2019|

Every year the Canada Revenue Agency participates in several Tax Roundtables where it responds to a variety of questions of interest to the insurance and estate planning community. This edition of CALU Report summarizes select questions and responses from the 2018 APFF Conference and 2019 CLHIA Tax Conference and provides additional CALU commentary.

CALU Report – CALU 2018 CRA Finance Roundtable

June 1, 2018|

As part of its 2018 Annual General Meeting, CALU held a CRA-Finance Roundtable. Participants included: Stéphane Charette, CPA, MBA, Director, Financial Industries and Trusts Division, Canada Revenue Agency; Bob Naufal, CPA, Manager, Financial Institutions Section, Canada Revenue Agency; and; Trevor McGowan, Director General (Legislation), Tax Legislation Division, Tax Policy Branch, Department of Finance

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