Advocating for the financial security of Canadians

CALU engages in public policy advocacy for the benefit of individual Canadians and the small business community. Our approach is nonpartisan, collaborative and informed by sound analysis and technical expertise. CALU is committed to strong relationships with federal public policy makers and is proud to be a trusted advisor to the federal government.

Our public policy priorities

CALU Public policy priorities Fall 2022

Public Policy Priorities

Download our Public Policy Priorities (PDF), highlighting our priorities and our recommendations to the federal government for legislative change .


CALU calls on the federal government to enhance the financial wellness and health of Canadians through the following actions:

  • Support the successful transition of small businesses to family members by ensuring that any changes to section 84.1 of the Income Tax Act continue to facilitate genuine intergenerational transfers of shares while preventing tax avoidance that undermines the equity of Canada’s tax system.
  • Update and make more transparent the factors used to establish the RRIF minimum payment to ensure that Canadians contributing to RRSPs have sufficient retirement income throughout their expected lifetimes
  • Introduce a process for the regular review of the RRIF minimum payout formula to ensure it continues to meet the income needs of older retirees.
  • Provide dental care and prescription drug plans only to Canadians who currently do not have any coverage (i.e., gap filling approach)
  • In designing those plans leave workplace plans intact and not incentivize employers to drop their existing coverages in favour of federal plans.