On November 18, 2020 CALU held its first ever virtual CALU Finance Roundtable. CALU wishes to thank Finance representatives Ted Cook – Director General, Tax Legislation, Finance Canada and Andrew Donelle – Director, Deferred Income Plans, Finance Canada as well as CALU Tax Advisors Kevin Wark and Angela Ross (PwC LLP) for participating in the Roundtable.1 Included in this special CALU Report are the complete Roundtable questions as well as the “unofficial” Finance responses in bullet format.

The topics covered in this report include:

  • Intergenerational Business Transfers and Subsection 84.1
  • Reporting Requirements for Trusts – Amendment to Subsection 150(1.2)
  • ALDAs and VPLAs
  • Qualified Pension Income arising from death of a spouse
  • Section 110.2 and Subsection 56(8) and Interest Charges
  • Paragraph 20(1) (bb)- Fees for Advising on the Purchase of Segregated Fund Policies
  • Legislative Proposals relating to Health and Welfare Trusts
  • RRIF Minimum Reduction in 2020
  • Donation of an Interest in a Related Segregated Fund Trust on Death
  • Comfort Letters

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