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We work with a number of key organizations to help support and advance our advocacy efforts. Through key partnerships, we strive to grow and preserve the financial well-being of Canadians and family businesses.

Our featured partners

Advocis is the largest voluntary professional membership association of financial advisors in Canada, representing more than 17,000 member-clients and 40 Chapters across the country. CALU’s strategic partnership with Advocis continues to be a cornerstone of our ability to serve our members with excellence and advocate for sound public policy on behalf of the industry.

The Coalition for a Better Future brings together business leaders, community and civic organizations, social policy advocates, Indigenous groups, environmental NGOs, public policy research institutes, and others to create dialogue on the long-term economic well-being of Canada in a post-pandemic future.

Together for Better Health is committed to informing Canadians about alternatives to a universal single-payer pharmacare system. It promotes the wisdom of ensuring coverage for all who need it by keeping and building on the coverage that is already working for 26 million Canadians.

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