Articles in this edition include:

  • a message from Chair Marty McConnell,
  • an explanation of the significant impact of the new “look-through” rules in section 212.1 of the ITA that may disrupt the standard post-mortem “pipeline” plan for estates with non-resident beneficiaries by Anjali Navkar and Thanusan Raveendran,
  • an article on the recent Court of Appeal decision on Seguin v. Pearson relating to undue influence and testamentary gifts from Dianna Flannery,
  • an update from Sunita Doobay regarding recent tax issues for U.S. citizens residing in Canada,
  • a call from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce for a comprehensive review of the tax system, and
  • an article about the upcoming federal election from CALU’s Government Relations consulting firm FleishmanHillard HighRoad.

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