2024 Conference & AGM


Brian Masse, MP

Critic for Innovation & Industry, New Democratic Party of Canada

Brian Masse was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, and was first elected to the House of Commons in 2002 to represent the riding of Windsor West, Ontario, after being twice elected to Windsor City Council.  He has won eight elections for his seat. Prior to entering politics, he served the community as a social worker working with persons with disabilities and as a youth coordinator and mentor for New Canadians.

As a Member of Parliament, Brian has served in several capacities including as NDP Critic for Industry, Automotive, Transport, the Canada-US Border, International Trade, Public Safety, and the Great Lakes.  He also is the Vice-Chair of the Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group.

Brian has many successes as a representative and advocate including:

  • Building the successful case for a new international border crossing between Detroit, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario, and having it include pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, as well as a Community Benefits Fund;
  • Eliminated the tax deductibility of corporate fines for environmental violations;
  • Improving consumer choice for auto repairs through an agreement with the after-market industry;
  • Successfully passed a motion in Parliament acknowledging the genocide in Srebrenica with an annual remembrance in Canada; and most recently,
  • Working to bring Canada’s second National Urban Park to Windsor and Essex County to protect the last remaining undeveloped green space along the Detroit River for the long-term.

Brian is presently the Dean of the NDP Caucus – the longest serving M.P. in the party.

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2024 Conference & AGM