Bill S-201 is a private members bill that will restrict employers and service/product providers from requiring an individual to either undergo a genetic test, or provide the results of genetic testing. If this Bill is enacted in its current form, it will restrict an insurance company’s access to certain medical information, and in turn could impact product pricing and availability of certain products in the future. To ensure members are aware of this important development, Kevin Wark has prepared a backgrounder on Bill S-201.

Topics covered in this report include:

  • Backgrounds of Bill S-201
  • Bill S-201 and the Insurance Industry
  • Stakeholder Positions
    • The Insurance Industry
    • Office of the Privacy Commission of Canada (2014 Report)
    • Minister of Justice (Summary of letter to the Justice Committee)
    • Canadian Institute of Actuaries (Summary of submission to Justice Committee)

(Members only)

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